Silver lining for the Golden-voiced man

When I got into my bathrobe after a steaming shower tonight, I was extremely tired.  I think it may be simply the fact that when one takes a good, hot shower, especially after you work out hardcore at the gym, your body tends to get real tired and it just wants to lay down: clean and exhausted.  I have this odd tendency to sit on my big Queen size bed, grab my Macbook and just go on whatever website I feel like surfing, while having my hair wrapped in a towel and still in my bathrobe.  I wasn’t even sure what to surf so I went to my homepage, MSN, the website I’ve been a dedicated follower of even before puberty hit me  hard.  Earlier, I had checked my twitter (follow me!) and read through a few tweets about a “homeless man with a golden voice.” I didn’t pay much attention to it until it was part of MSN‘s collage of Today’s Talkers; along with the death of Gerry Rafferty (RIP) and the  firing of an ESPN announcer.  I immediately clicked on it and watched the video.

Let me tell you my friends: this 1:38 video was absolutely, positively FABULOUS.  This man was standing by the highway with a sign that said something about his voice and help that he needed instead of change.  He looked pretty worn out but had this enthusiastic appearance at the same time.  I thought he was going to sing but  this man, Ted Williams, has the most captivating and absolutely perfect to the T radio voice that any radio station would want!  He later talked about his voice, his past and what he hopes for now.  But, the bigger news here is that this (now former) homeless man from Ohio has landed an actual radio spot on a local radio show.  And that my dear, is just truly amazing.  I mean, why wouldn’t he right? He has a perfect voice and it’s clear that his reservation wage is a lot lower than other aspiring DJs, radio hosts.  My exhaustion went away and I was so delighted after watching and reading about this whole incident.  What I found amazing was 1) the person who recorded and put this video on YouTube, 2) the people who actually contacted this guy to give him a goddamn job and 3) how AMAZING the combination of technology and humanity can be. The fact of the matter is that times now are tough and they may be even tougher for the homeless; but after watching this video tonight, I am reminded that life can be so unusually pleasant and that everyone deserves a second chance and some truly get it.  I sit comfortably in my warm home with my luxuries and fail to realize that there are still people standing with cardboards, yearning for a second chance.  These people hope that someday, someone out there, comes and finds them and gives them the choice to fix things again.  Whatever went wrong is now in the past for Ted Williams because humanity has given him the hand that he has needed for so long.

By NadiatheGreat

I'm a writer, daughter, sister, lover, friend and 5'1.
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