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‘Ello London

Lemme get on dat Big Ben!

This is my 4th day in London and no, I haven’t had fish & chips yet.  I’ve been to the UK before, can’t count the times anymore, I would have to check my passport for that, but I’ve returned after a good 7 years. I’m older, wiser, and a lot more curious.  That’s why this trip has been full of relaxation, hot food, warm tea/coffee, and chatting up with family. But I have been curious to check out some “underground” British things to do … You know, those things that the English do here. So, tomorrow I’m going to central London, visiting a tourist attraction called “London’s Dungeons,” and catching a play tomorrow night, the famous (American) Wizard of Oz. Will take lots of pictures!

As you can tell, I have some time on my hands, that’s why my blogging (not that blogging is for the bored), but for me, it’s been difficult to blog amongst deadlines and schoolwork. But, one of my several 2012 resolutions is to BLOG MORE, so I can keep up with my writing and have truly find my “niche” (how cliche). Anyhow, I’m missing my 1st week of classes for this relaxation. Because truthfully, I’ve recently needed it. My winter break after Fall ’11 semester has been quite busy … a two-week, intensive online class & other issues. While this isn’t the greatest way the begin my final semester @ RU, in order for me to go strong until May ’12 for graduation, I needed a BREAK. Plus, the States was really KILLIN’ me. Aside from a ton of schoolwork and family issues, I have been going through quite a harsh breakup. And let me tell you, RELATIONSHIPS ARE RIDICULOUS. But, that’s for a different post & a different day.

see ya blokes, xo

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