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Day 8 of Master Cleanse: It’s Almost Ovah!

Today’s my 8th day on the MC and wow, I told myself time would go buy quickly and it sure did! It’s really great how the only time I blogged was when I first started the MC and now when it’s almost over. I’m really great you know, at keeping track of all the things I “try.” Today I am super tired because I went to bed late & woke up early for my 8:30am class—really a pain in the ass. It seems that my body refuses to wake up until 645am & that really sucks. I don’t know if it has to do with MC or not, but I do remember last week waking up early due to stomach cramps from the laxative tea. But then again, I had cramps the same time this morning as well, except I was just supposed to be up earlier.

I believe I’ve lost some weight. Haven’t checked it because I can’t find my scale, but I can tell from my face and body. I wish I would’ve worked out a little here and there during the MC, but with the difficulty of the first few days and school, family, etc: it was hard.

I just have to get through my exam @ 6pm tonight, work on my 5 page paper (tonight & tomorrow night) that’s due Friday—and get through classes tomorrow and then …. SPRING BREAK! And oh yeah, my MC will be over.

I’m still getting lots of cravings for food during the day and miss eating, drinking coffee, etc.  At the same time, I’m sooooo glad I went on the MC. There’s a reason I didn’t go on it weeks or months ago. I really hit my standard of “rock bottom” in terms of food, working out, & feeling healthy recently.  Along with personal problems—family, love, friends— I really felt like I was losing control of my life and food was controlling me because that’s where my comfort lay. I finally broke off with this dominating relationship and am really looking forward to getting off the cleanse and eating what my body needs, not wants.  Of course, I will have some chocolate—I LOVE CHOCOLATE and I need it.  But, I won’t let my body down again. I’m signing up with a closer gym with my b.f.f. cousin and we can finally become official workout buddies.  My mom will also be joining us this week and I’m extremely looking forward to getting in shape in a healthy and satisfying manner for the summer and most especially for my May graduation.

Anyhoo, I’m definitely glad I went on the cleanse & I won’t let this go to waste. I would do it longer, but can’t really. Definitely next time!

Gotta get back to school work,

—Nadia xoxo

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I'm a writer, daughter, sister, lover, friend and 5'1.
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