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Happy September 2nd!

So, I know I am not a very successful blogger, actually I’m probably not even a blogger, but I am attempting and I’m going to continue to attempt, despite my failed attempts. What I have a very hard time doing is deciding what the hell I want to write about. Honestly, how ridiculous is that? I’m a writer, I shouldn’t have a problem deciding what in the world I want to write about—right? Well, whenever I attempt to write on my blog(s), I am stumped.

Speaking of stumped, there’s a joke I heard from a handsome man the other day . . .  LOLZ. Anyways, I am feeling quite down today. It has to do with a lot of things actually, and I’m wondering whether I should make a list of these things. I’m feel insecure about a lot of things, overanalyzing, and really just feeling full of regrets. In my brain, I play my regrets over and over again—what I should’ve done, could’ve done, would’ve done—and it feels really shitty. This entire summer has been full of regrets. Doesn’t mean I haven’t “done” things, but I certainly have been regretting what I didn’t do, not only this summer, but also my four years of college, my delay in job applications/writing, my delay in finding myself, my delay in deciding what I want I want to do with my life; full of regrets. But, right now I’m writing and just pouring out what I feel. I’m writing because I feel that’s all I want to do. That’s all I’m supposed to do. And that’s all I’m not getting to do. I wonder, is unemployment the same for everyone? My other problem has been my lack of blogging this entire summer. I mean, come on, it’s been 3 months and I have (3) blogs, one of which was supposed to be a creative portal of my unemployment. But, recently, I have gone on interviews and may just GET A JOB. So, how the hell am I going to write on my unemployment while I’m employed? I have no clue. Well, I have an idea now, so I’m going to start it off there.

—till manyana.

By NadiatheGreat

I'm a writer, daughter, sister, lover, friend and 5'1.
Alright, you got me. I'm 5'0.

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