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Happy (Belated) Birthday, Bob!

…you make me feel like a sweepstakes winner

I’m a full week late on writing on my annual Happy B-day Bob blog post, sigh. But, as a fan, I learn from Bob and have learned (especially in recent events), that I must -ABOVE ALL- forgive myself. If I hold every little thing I do against myself, then how will I ever forgive someone else, right? Anyways, this isn’t a post on self-love, forgiveness, etc., but on the celebration of the existence of Robert Nesta Marley!

While many genres of music may debate until they reach their graves on whose the king/queen of that genre, I think with reggae, it’s pretty damn easy. Of course- there’s many, many bands/artists that have reigned on the stages of reggae and ska (some of my faves being UB40, Jimmy Ciff, Gregory Isaacs, Peter Tosh, Inner Circle, Burning Spear, and the list goes on and on…), but Bob Marley was the King and still manages to stay the King. It must have been how much he was loved on every continent, his political choosings, his death, and his happy, sad, lovely, and political songs. He even managed to use almost literally an entire speech by Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I before the United Nations General Assembly in June 1963 to record one of his famous songs, “War.”

Bob has always been close to my heart and the discovery his music (and reggae music) brings back many happy memories of my life and personal growth. He was first introduced to me by my brother, Ali, and although right now, my brother is not really the same guy I once knew, whenever I listen to some of Bob’s songs, I manage to tap back into the memories of the brother I knew and loved and keep the hope alive that he’ll return one day.

Bob’s always been in a constant in my love life and the love(s) of my life… he just seems to have a way with with the words of loveromance, and everything that follows after.

Happy B-Day Bob. I sometimes wish I was born in a different time so I would’ve had the opportunity to see you in concert.

But it’s all good xo,


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