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5 Tips to Start a Yoga Practice at Home

Yoga is in high demand and for the right reasons (mental, physical and spiritual wellness), but what do you do when you can’t seem to find the time (or money) to join a local yoga studio? One of the most liberating aspects about yoga is that it is accessible: you don’t need high-end equipment or a very specific facility to practice in; your home can be your yoga studio, if you make it.

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While the benefits of doing yoga in a class with other yogis and a teacher are tremendous, there’s no reason you cannot have a successful yoga practice at home. If you follow the very tips that yoga teaches, you’ll find yourself closer to the practice than you think.

1) Build a sacred space.
Nothing can be deemed more important in yoga than focus and concentration. Find a space in your home that is the least cluttered, away from your loudest (and smelliest) rooms. When it’s time to begin your daily routine, treat it as you would a professional yoga studio: with respect, cleanliness and consciousness. This means turn off/silent all electronics, keep shoes off and make others in your home aware of your practice.

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2) Pick a time slot and commit.
Whether it’s 5 or 50 minutes, commit yourself to those minutes every day to practice. Remember: this is for you and no one else. A great tip is to stick to practicing at the same time each day. This is even more beneficial when you have an at-home practice; you can do a quick 10-minute flow when you hop out of bed every morning or every night before getting in.

3) Use the vast resources at your fingertips.
In this time and age, you can figure a lot about yoga before you even decide to start practicing a life with it. The internet is a powerful resource, so ask questions about yoga etiquette, find professional online videos for all levels, subscribe to a yoga on-demand service, I use Veria,  Veria Living Go, and YogaGlo and learn more about the practice off the mat.

4) Be safe.
Know what you can and cannot do. The benefits of going to yoga class are the variations to poses a good yoga teacher will always show you. These variations will be in your at-home videos as well, just make sure you don’t do anything you’re not sure of.

5) Be proud of yourself.
One of the many great things yoga teaches is discipline and if you are able to press pause on everything that is going on around you and give yourself a few minutes consistently, then commend yourself and remember that you are growing everyday on a successful, happy, and healthy journey.

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