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I’m on Fire — Chromatics

I really didn’t think I could have 3-4 versions of one song, but I do. But, after Lovesong,  I really did not think I could have 3 versions of one song —but now I do. I discovered “I’m On Fire” by Chromatics on a rainy, gloomy Friday on Spotify while working. I was actually looking up songs from the movie Drive‘s soundtrack, and found a playlist that had more songs from Chromatics.

That feeling when you begin to hear the beginning of a song and you just know. It’s almost like falling in love, no? Or at least being attracted to someone, and knowing somewhere, deep down in your existence, that you two might have a connection. This feeling makes you keep the song on repeat for hours (like 3 hours driving to Connecticut repeat), or thinking about this random person you made eye contact with the whole ride home . . .

Similar to Lovesong, I discovered the song that I was completely mesmerized was actually a cover and after discovering the original, just realized how truly amazing the song is. However, like I have complained before—about amazing songs being way too short; “I’m On Fire” probably beats all of them! Not only is the song only two verses, but it actually ENDS after the 2nd verse! UGH! I think the beauty of it is that the song is about desire and how it’s never consummated —the shortness and abruptness of the song demonstrates that so painfully…the synthesizers in the music continue to make you feel as though something will happen, the song will continue to play, or maybe this particular desire will be quenched.

But, no. You don’t get any of that and it just makes it that more amazing.

Original: Bruce Springsteen
My Fav Covers (so far): Chromatics, Slightly Stoopid



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