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Although they will probably refer to me as Nadia the Great after my death, right now my name is Nadia Kadri, and it won’t change even after someone puts a ring on it. I look better than what you’ve imagined and people tell me I joke around too much. However, I don’t; I am currently a freelance journalist/writer based in the New Jersey/New York area, and have a handful of good, serious, stories under my bra hook (because belt is too masculine for a feminist like me, just kidding).

I’ve wrote on a variety of topics (Check them out), from news of economic fluctuations to religion and romance. I’m still attempting everyday to find what my calling is, hence, the name of my blog.

I choose to be as free, vulgar, and “loose,” on my personal blog so if you are a potential employer doing your research, know two things: (1) there is nothing better than working for an organization that stalks so thoroughly and (2) please take this as a humor outlet, for an employee who is more than what she seems.


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