although they will probably refer to me as Nadia the Great after my death… right now you can call me Nadia.

I run my family’s shuttle business which has nothing to do with writing, ranting, or baking — but everything to do with people and money. so, I guess it works. until it doesn’t and you’re dead inside every time you show up for work.

my life has turned upside down many times, but not as much as it did in March 2020 thanks to COVID-19. since I’ve been left to my own devices, I’m restarting my love for writing my thoughts in grammatically correct sentences hoping that someone on the internet can relate, or give a shit.

I’m still attempting every day to find what my calling is, hence, the name of my blog. but, if you like to talk about feelings, the world, and connection, while eating and drinking aesthetically beautiful and delicious things — then you’re my type of person and thank you so much for stopping by! hope I can bring some cheer to your life.

oh, I also do freelance writing on the side — because I like to run shuttles and my mouth.

contact me: ntg.kadri@gmail.com

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