Right before this video is taken down, I figured I’d post it and remind people why social media has been crying over Frank Ocean for the last 4 years. I’ve loved Frank Ocean since everyone else–but Church in the Wild sealed the deal for me years ago. If someone asked me to categorize how I fall in love/love somebody, I’d pick Thinkin’ About You — all engrossing, from a distance, and fairly unrequited.

Pink+White is quite the opposite. I’ve never had someone “show me love,” he really describes unfortunately, and that may sound whiny and all, but it’s the truth. It’s a sad for a moment, but after a moment, you realize it’s not a big deal. You get over it. What I have had, are people who have never been in 100%, or think they are, or want to be 110% after I’m gone, and then want to constantly haunt me with my past.  Although his ways of loving usually seem to describe my ridiculousness (sometimes I wonder if he’s a Libra too?) — this track really reminds me of a love I’ve never had…wish I did, and still hope I do.

This track, though, is really wonderful. It’s really Frank Ocean in a nutshell. I don’t care what he wants to experiment with, I’m with it, but the best artists leave that one track that remind us why we fell in love with them in the first place.



Today was the first day of my Master Cleanse. This year, I’m doing it with my cousin, so I have some “support,” or maybe I am someone else’s “support.” I almost broke my cleanse probably 45 times today, but I didn’t… I guess that’s good. 

9 days left ._.


I’ve taken a long hiatus, that I’m not proud of. I assume they are usually good news, or taken for self-reflection. However, mine was unnecessary and I must apologize to the other Nadia inside of me, who should probably stop being so passive, and get ahold of her vida.


should be my middle name.


Don’t fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.


… Because it’s raining outside.

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