I Bought My Own Domain!

I’ve been attempting to write something meaningful, enlightening, and exciting tonight. However, I don’t think I can come up with much. But, I do have news! I finally bought into WordPress’ tempting little blurbs on purchasing your domain for just $18/year (it’s really around $26, if you add some security measures). I didn’t think I should buy my own domain since I don’t blog much … didn’t feel like I deserved it. And I also felt like I needed a “cooler” name. It seems like I’m never going to come up with a better name. But, I still did it and YAY! I feel super, duper special. 

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One Year and One day later

  Today I met up with a longtime elementary school friend and caught up on the six years of life that we have gone through without one another. Of course, we left one another a facebook comment here and there, met twice during 4 years of highschool, but now that we’re in our senior year of college and that I’ve moved back into the same house I lived in 8 years ago, we had quite a lot to catch up on.

But, I simply cannot reveal all the great things we discussed during our meeting at a packed Starbucks shop, but what I can say is that later that evening (well, around the early hours of the morning, 1:40am), my friend sent me a text saying, “You should start a blog! […]”

I already have one! Which, UNFORTUNATELY, I’ve posted to TWICE. Blogging has been on my mind this entire week, not for meditative purposes, but for graduate-school purposes (yes, condemn me now please). I’ve decided that if I want to impress those who will accept me & enhance my resume, transcript, personality, and charm, then I must start doing some additional writing on the side. And how wonderful, I have returned to WordPress an ENTIRE YEAR AND DAY LATER. I truly believe it’s a sign.

This year and a day off has had some good come from it though. I have been doing a ton of writing (newspaper, internship with Inked Mag., essays, etc) since then. I’m still trying to figure out what I write BEST, but I think I’m going to finally start getting Nadia’s Niche out and about!

Next blog will be coming up BEFORE departing to London on Friday the 13th and will discuss the humourous connections of arranged marriages (oh my god Indians!) and online dating, thanks to my great friend who I caught up with earlier yesterday (haha).


See ya soon! xoxo, Nadia.

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I have assumed that the world has greeted me back with the same enthusiasm that I have greeted it with. Considering that this is supposed to be my first post (ever) on a legitimate blogging website, aside from the elementary love of Xanga, I was unsure what exactly to write about.  I followed the detailed tutorial that WordPress provides you with on how to go from “zero to hero.” And I must admit: I AM IMPRESSED.  Maybe because I am a rookie, but I was very appalled at how much help someone who wants to write can receive from the internet if they are unsure on what exactly to do.  I even checked out the Plinky page that WordPress has set up if you really have not taken anything from the “brainstorming” exercises that the tutorials provide you with.  Needless to say, I did not need to use, just not yet.  Which makes me question exactly where I am going with this blog post. I could have simply chosen one of the numerous topics that I have written on my “napkin” as my first blog entry.  Yet, I have chosen to write about my experience pre-first post and exactly what I am doing at 1:30 in the morning.

Unfortunately, when one begins to question themselves in their own writing, things can become a bit complicated. But just a bit. Because although one of my teachers always told me to never mention or refer to your reader as “the reader,”  I must assure my reader that there is a conclusion to what you are reading.  There is a purpose and before you  move onto another entry or get up to answer nature’s call, or perhaps tell someone in your home to lower the volume, I must tell you that you are the reason why I too have joined And have finally launched on my personal journey to the depths of literary devices and technology in a combination of what we refer to as “blogging.”

I may be a late bloomer to this timeless trend but like they say, “Better late than never.” And like, at the same time, a popular rapper says, ” … But never late is better.”  Thus, before I launch my rocket of ideas, criticism, opinion and catharsis of writing, I must thank WordPress for being one of the most popular blogging platforms mentioned in the search engines, and giving me the opportunity to attempt to discover what my niche truly is.  Before I dive into wonderful posts of blissful context, I must appreciate those who set the direction for such euphoria to even occur.  Thank you.





P.S. I can’t seem to figure out that perfect way to placing images into the blog.