Lovers & Jobs: They Ain’t Easy to Find

There’s a lot of fish on the market, they say.

Yay! I didn’t get a job!  Well at least not yet. Also, I haven’t received the “rejection” from my     last potential employer. I’ve received worse: the silent treatment. So no, there is no closure. I’ve come to realization that job-hunting is analogous to mate-hunting; there’s a lot of damn fish in the vast ocean but that doesn’t mean all that fish is good for you.

Despite the 8% unemployment rate in the US right now, there is work out there. There is always going to be work out there. Of course, you may have a hard time getting the work because of all the competition, but it’s there. Needless to say, that doesn’t mean the job (that you assume will complete your life) is good for you. What I’m really trying to say is that there are a lot of shitty jobs out there. There are a lot of shitty guys out there, too. I usually am more sympathetic to people because I believe that many factors come into play for a person to be “shitty” (bad year, family issues, exs, heartbreak, etc). But, it’s quite interesting to note the similarities between finding a good job and finding the love of your life.