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Well, today I finished my second day of the master cleanse. Technically, it’s after 12 so this would mean I’m starting my 3rd day. Regardless, it was torture. I pretty much ate 45 bananas through my brain and my head has been hurting for awhile now. It’s freezing outside, about 18 degrees F, so I haven’t even stepped out of the house all day/night. It’s been fairly torturous and I don’t like anyone,really. Especially those who eat loudly in my house…..oh my god. Well, I’ve got 8 adorable days left, and on a side note, this is the first time I’m blogging from my ipad. 😉 mad cute and shit.

Also, I’ve been freezing to death all day, and I think drinking this lemonade is contributing to it. It’s funny how whenever I have thought about the master cleanse in the past, it’s always pretty positive. I know it was hard and required commitment, but its like my brain only latches on to how good I left in the end –not reminding me how painful it is too! Ahh well, this too shall pass.

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Day 8 of Master Cleanse: It’s Almost Ovah!

Today’s my 8th day on the MC and wow, I told myself time would go buy quickly and it sure did! It’s really great how the only time I blogged was when I first started the MC and now when it’s almost over. I’m really great you know, at keeping track of all the things I “try.” Today I am super tired because I went to bed late & woke up early for my 8:30am class—really a pain in the ass. It seems that my body refuses to wake up until 645am & that really sucks. I don’t know if it has to do with MC or not, but I do remember last week waking up early due to stomach cramps from the laxative tea. But then again, I had cramps the same time this morning as well, except I was just supposed to be up earlier.

trying new things updates

On the Master Cleanse!

Day 2 of the Master Cleanse:

I started the MC yesterday and oh man, it hasn’t been killing me — but it’s killing me. Haha. Last time I did the MC was 2 years ago (April). Recapping ;; yesterday, I felt quite weak and at night, it was the worst—I couldn’t go to sleep because of the headache from lack of food.

Today— It’s been alllllright. I threw up most of my SWF (Salt Water Flush) and that made me super sad. But, I guess I shouldn’t have chugged most of it either. It’s absolutely horrific. I hate it. The first 3 days are supposed to be painful, your body is trying to realize that yes, you’re not feeding me Jerk.

Nevertheless, I’ve felt stronger to “continue,” but oh my, the cravings I’ve gotten. Well, let me make a list of delicious foods I’ve gotten cravings of:

  • Chocolate!! Oh my.
  • Cupcakes, cupcakes, and uh, more cupcakes (thanks to How I Met Your Mother).
  • Fish, chicken, turkey.
  • Coffee! Ugh!
  • Sandwiches!

Can’t wait till I feel more confident about the diet, hopefully after the 5th day. Excited to cleanse my body & feel better. It’s been a tough couple of months & I know I need this.